August 22, 2018

Does Staging Matter? You Bet Your Bottom Dollar!

Does Staging Matter? You Bet Your Bottom Dollar!
staging before and after
“Denver’s real estate market is so hot, you could sell anything as long as it has a roof and four walls.” You hear that a lot these days. Our market is definitely among the hottest in the entire country. And unfortunately, this can result in agents not putting 100% effort into getting top dollar for their clients. How? By dismissing the value of things like professional cleaning, staging, photography, and listing details in the MLS.
An analogy might help. Let’s say you’re single and jumping into the online dating world. You’re looking around the dating site, checking out profiles. How attracted are you going to be to the person who has blurry or poorly-lit photos showing them looking ragged after a night of overindulging or with a messy room behind them? Sure, their profile might list a lot of things you’re looking for in a mate but will you even read it if you can’t get past the photos? Probably not.
It’s no different when selling your home. We want everything to be perfect when your house hits the market. Staging helps buyers envision themselves in the space and can turn an empty house into a home. Without that personal touch, an empty house can feel cold and unwelcoming. And staging an occupied home helps “neutralize” the space.
So at JM Denver Homes Team, we start by bringing in a professional stager (unless we are selling a distressed property). If needed, we will also bring in a professional cleaner. Staging creates an emotional appeal that makes the buyer a little more eager and committed. Once everything is ready, every listing gets a professional photo shoot. Finally, we carefully craft the text that accompanies the listing to highlight the home’s best features.
Why does JM Denver Homes Team put in all of this effort in a hot market? First, you get a smoother sales process and a lower-hassle closing when you have a buyer who doesn’t just like the home, but loves it. More important, experience has shown us that time and again, this extra effort results in more offers which means more money in my client’s pocket. And who wouldn’t want that?
For more advice on staging your home both the how-to and the value of it see this article from House Logic: “Staging Your Home: How to Make Buyers Fall in Love.”
Ready to move forward on selling your home? Get in touch with me today at (303) 204-6494 and let’s make your listing shine!

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